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Winter is the time for me to work on my restoration project, but with the cold weather in December, it can be quite tough to get anything done in a garage that is not setup to hold heat.  Since my ceilings had some insulation, the garage door needed to have something done to it to keep that heat in.  It was time to insulate the door. 

I have an aluminum garage door with a garage door opener.  I know that the insulation needed to be light in order for the garage door motor to handle the load.  So after looking at fiberglass, and Styrofoam, I decided to go with a reflective aluminum foil insulation.  This type of installation has an  R value of 9.8 and was light but the cost was slightly higher. 

Installation was quite easy and only took about an hour to install.  The items that I used were: 3M Super 77, aluminum installation tape, and a role of reflective aluminum foil insulation.  Tool uses to install it were: scissors, tape measure, & a marker.  

Installation was quite easy.  Cut the bubble rape installation to the size of each of the garage door panels.  If the bubble rape is not large enough, then cut another piece to make up the difference and tape it together with the aluminum installation tape. Since my panels had channels to hold the installation, it stayed in place when door was raised.  But to insure that it stayed secured and in place I used 3M Super 77 adhesive spray on each of the door panels. 

It works quite well in keeping heat in and as a bonus it helps deaden some of the sound that my neighbor may hear when I'm working during the evening.

Kevin K Livingston

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